MFASC Representatives at Washington Forum Last Week

May 1, 2017 Category: Events, MFASC Events, National

As a member of the finishing community, the NASF Washington Forum gives members access to lawmakers, as well as face-to-face opportunities to discuss vital legislative and regulatory issues impacting the industry.


This year’s event included more than 16 hours of presentations and networking, followed by a full day of meetings with legislators and congressional staff. On the agenda were briefings by top industry officials, senior federal agency representatives, congressional staff and other community members presenting critical updates on the status of the current legislation.


Representing the MFASC at the event were Tony Revier of Uyemura, USA, and Bryan Leiker of K&L Anodizing.


“It’s extremely critical that we continue to tell our story to those who can help impact the future of our industry through public policy,” said Tony Revier, president of Uyemura, USA, and past president of NASF. “Meeting with our representatives in Congress allows us to personalize the issues currently impacting manufacturers. This was especially important considering the current situation with SCAQMD Rules 1426 & 1469.”


Bryan Leiker stated, “Having the chance to voice our concerns directly to policymakers is one of the most important ways we can make a difference for our industry. We were proud to represent California.”


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