Metal Finishing Associations of California

The Metal Finishers of Southern and Northern California are Chapters of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF), the industry’s leading association representing the business, technical, scientific, and educational interests of the global surface technology community.

What is Metal Finishing?

Metal finishing adds value to products by making them last longer, look better or perform in ways that would otherwise be impossible. In this way, we contribute to the nation’s productivity, improve our quality of life and enhance our safety and security. Industries that use a range of surface finishing technologies include: electronics, automotive, aerospace and defense, energy, medical, agriculture, construction, tools and dies, shipbuilding, steel, plumbing and household appliances.


Creating a better world by advancing an environmentally and economically sustainable future for the finishing industry.


Metal Finishers Association of California members are leaders of the surface finishing industry and key participants in regulatory and legislative advocacy. The Metal Finishers Association of California is instrumental in developing training and standardized practices that ensure industry viability and sustainability. The Metal Finishers Association of California provides invaluable networking opportunities and insight into industry activities and developments, including important tools for contingency planning and the promotion of environmental stewardship. Membership in the Metal Finishers Association of California benefits individuals, companies, and the entire industry.

We invite you to become active in our Association and enjoy access to the resources and information you need to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and issues in our industry. As member of the Metal Finishers of California, you’ll receive a host of benefits that will make a difference in your business and in your industry.

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